Friday, November 22, 2013

Henna Alphabet Letter "F" Printable

Lydia Lark Henna Alphabet Letter F Neutrals
When I started to draw the F it occurred to me that I could think of very few girl names for F. I went on those baby name sites, and sure enough, there are lots of boy names and plenty of last names, but very few girl names. This surprised me because it seems like a feminine found doesn't it? Quite soft.
It makes sense for "flutter," "friendship," and "forest," but it seems odd to me that we use such a nice letter for "fall" "fear" and "fake." Oh, the things that keep me up at night!

Speaking of things that keep me up, I haven't been in love with the palette of the letters. As much as I love the brights I haven't been thrilled with the combination, and I also wanted to offer a more subdued palette as well. This week I decided it was now or never. I didn't want to be nearly all the way through the alphabet before I changed my mind. I am going back and changing everything retroactively. Hopefully that won't make too much of a mess! I know, I know, both colors look eerily familiar. Trust me, this is going to work out better!

Lydia Lark Henna Alphabet Letter D Bright
Have a fantastic weekend!

Click to download and print in Naturals Palette "Gray."
Click to download and print in Brights Palette "Pea."
Click to download and print in Black and White.
Lydia Lark Henna Letter F black

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