Monday, November 25, 2013

Two New Color Schemes

Neutral Color Palette

Just a little update: Here are the new color schemes for the henna alphabet. The Naturals option and the Brights option. Once again, I wasn't entirely happy with the direction the colors were headed, so I am revisiting the letters I have already finished and replacing them with these new colors in two palette options.

Plus I am not working too hard because we are enjoying an unusual week of family time with Thanksgiving coming up.

In our family we like to share 3 things we are grateful for at bedtime every night. Also I miss my family of origin's tradition of eating lasagna on Thanksgiving so the ladies of the house can take a day off on Thanksgiving!

How about you? Do you have any special gratitude practices or beloved Thanksgiving traditions?  

Bright Palette
 The artwork above is from the painting Chevron Bleed by Luli Sanchez

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