Friday, December 20, 2013

Henna Alphabet Letter "I" Printable

Lydia Lark Henna Alphabet Letter I Bright
If there is a job any twelve year old boy would kill for it's the job my husband just "hired" me to do. I use quotes because my pay is willingly garnished. You may or may not know that my love is a life-long Lego Maniac. He started buying big lots of Legos to acquire sets he was missing, selling off whatever he didn't care for to defray the cost. Then he started actually making money. It's slow and labor intensive, but it's an opportunity to polish off our debt so I have started helping him out with the easy parts like building sets, finding missing parts, photographing and shipping Lego sets. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying it, how well it fits into my day, and how much quicker we are turning over stock. The biggest shock has been that it is letting lots of pressure off my creative work. Don't ask me why!
Lydia Lark Henna Alphabet Letter I Naturals

Click to download and print in Naturals Palette "Brown."
Click to download and print in Brights Palette "Blue Green."
Click to download and print in Black and White.

Lydia Lark Henna I black

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