Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sticking My Oar In: Maritime Pyrography

Pyrography oars in process

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were lovely. Our Christmas break was a whirlwind of interrupted projects and plans. With the exception of Christmas Eve, every time we started a project either my husband had to go back to work unexpectedly, or we couldn’t find the supplies we needed. I can't say it was restful, but it was encouraging to make progress on things even if we didn't check them off the list.
 Daniel went back to work this morning officially, so today feels like a regular day. I love the novelty and fun of Christmas, and I also love sliding back into the flow of life.
One of my goals for the year is to make some art for the house, so I got a start here. We had some wooden oars I've had my eye on burning.

Pyrography oar sketch- Lilly

I was so tempted to over-plan myself out of it, but I took my own advice and just started drawing. My influences here are water because of the oars, a swirling early Eritrean pattern I found years ago, and haiku: Specifically how haiku has a natural theme and is supposed to transform the way you view something by making a shift or juxtaposition.
The oars are still in process, but I am excited to get them done. I both enjoy and am maddened by how much pyrography is not only drawing, but a measure of time. It is not as quick as making a mark on paper!

Free advice: When using an indelible marking tool do not stray from the plans you made in pencil. After all these years I should know that!

Pyrography oar in process

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