Monday, June 4, 2012

Lions and Sharks and Bees, Oh My!

lion bowl

Saturday we hit the thrift store and Daniel talked me into picking up these lion bowls. There were only two. Had it been one or four it would have been a no-brainer for me, but for some reason two seems like an inopportune number.

lion bowl

My husband explains his persuasion as selfish because he didn't want to listen to me debating about them at home or have to return to the store for them later! Good man. He knows I have a thing for animals on home products.

embroidered napkins

Speaking of which, I have been meaning to show you the rest of my napkins for years! I keep wondering why I haven't, but in the back of my mind I must have guessed a good reason. Designs on napkins are quite difficult to style. I did lots of fancy things with them, and none of them worked. If there is a theme to the animal and insect embroideries it is that most of them are pests, but cool anyway. When you come over for dinner we will pretend there is some significance in the critter you choose. 

All embroideries are done in DMC floss on African wax print cloth.

embroidered napkins

For instructions on how to embroider your own napkins, check out my instructions: How to Monogram Napkins. Same technique, different image!

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