Friday, January 31, 2014

Henna Alphabet Letter "P" Printable

Lydia Lark Alphabet Letter P Bright

So how are you holding up in this crazy weather? Here in our household we are very ready for some sun and warmth! Personally I am loving salt and sugar scrubs with coconut oil to help with winter crocodile skin. In the 6+ years since moving away from sustained winter, our cold weather clothing bit the dust and we hadn't bothered to replace it. Last winter, which was relatively mild anyway, we just kind of hunkered down in our dark apartment being cold and miserable. This year we acquired many of the things we need to adequately walk through the cold to the car, like enough long sleeved shirts, long underwear, tights, hats, mittens, and boots. Next year hopefully we will get the things we need to actually play in the cold like snow bibs. Moving from a place where the summer clothes never get put away and you just grit your way through a few cold weeks, it is a hard mental adjustment to actually invest in a second wardrobe for the year!  
 Last Sunday after church we went to Longwood Gardens to let the girls run their hearts out in one of the tropical greenhouse rooms. Other snowed-in child coping mechanisms include lots of baths, lots of art time, and lots of reading. Those are all full attention jobs for me, so I haven't had so much time for creating, but I did manage to gather up all my scrap moments and make this letter P. I love it so much. Maybe I need to have another girl just to give her a P initial. Just kidding! 
If you are wondering where O is, it's back here with JOY

Lydia Lark Henna Alphabet Letter P Natural

Click to download and print in Brights Palette "Tangerine."
Click to download and print in Naturals Palette "Thyme."
Click to download and print in Black and White.

Lydia Lark Henna Alphabet Letter P black

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