Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romper Inspiration

wovenplay romper

Have you noticed all the great rompers floating around out there in the nether? They are being made for older girls, not just babies, and they have more of a bathing suit fit lately. These pictures are of Wovenplay rompers from the publication Selvedge. (Thanks Kelley!)

wovenplay romper

I love the hot pink paired with white, the creative use of stripes with seaming, and the ruching that gives the bottom side more of a belled fit apart from the traditional romper fitting. It's so high-end and special!

wovenplay romper

Look, she's a little ruffled fairy!
These images were rolling around in my mind all fall. It seemed to me like making a wool romper would be a great way to be able to actually knit something meaningful for Thacia that she can wear in the unpredictable Texas weather. I didn't want to knit her a big sweater she could only wear twice! With a romper I can put leggings and a turtleneck underneath, or leave her bare-legged depending on the weather. It is pretty much the same concept as when I made myself wool shorts here.

When my mother showed me a skein of natural colored greige yarn she was spinning on commission I knew that was the yarn I wanted, so I did what any daughter of a yarn store owner would: I begged shamelessly and played the grand baby card. I had to wait until New Years Day for it, but it was worth the wait. If you actually pay for it, you don't have to wait for her yarn. See it here. Oh, this yarn! It is the color of flour when you add brown sugar. It is soft and nubbly in texture as handspun should be!
I feel like I have no time to knit whatsoever. How are all these mothers of small children doing it? I've been almost done for 2 weeks now, and this post is my attempt to motivate myself into finishing before the weather gets so warm she can only wear it... twice.
In the meantime it is fabulous just to knit. Handspun wool has a texture nothing else does. So springy. So much like a hug. I love wool. I even love the smell of raw dirty wool. True story.


Torrey said...

tasteful neon!

lydia said...

Oh, and now you can find Selvedge at Flora and Henri!


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