Thursday, February 17, 2011

Romper Reality

I had pulled a slip of paper from my jar of challenges, praying that it would not say "65. Make neon tasteful." To my relief it read "4. Focus on texture," the very thing I was eager to do!
Though I was going to make this pattern to share, the textural focus made it a difficult pattern to write... so no pattern for you.

I chose a herringbone type cable for the body of the romper, sort of measured one of her pajamas as a pattern, and went for it. For the buttons I used vintage mother of pearl. They all sort of almost match each other. You may or may not have noticed that the tabs at the shoulders and the placket underneath fasten the opposite way you might an older child's clothes. That wasn't a mistake... I know. SURE. But really, this girl is a genius at taking her clothes off, so I positioned the buttons so it is harder for her to get naked. This is common practice in baby clothes, but I find it more obvious on sweater knits.

I love the color. Obviously. It's the same color as this bag, these curtains, and any other ridiculous number of things I own. Greige is dangerous for me.

I may yet apply I-cord to the back neck of the sweater. The front already has it knit in.
I went for a longer length than the popular bathing suit length. I thought it would be a little fuller on bottom than it turned out. Maybe I would add an extra pattern or two of the cables if I did it again. However, it fits and looks charming and surprisingly ungendered!

About the sticks, Thacia spends a measurable percentage of her day gathering sticks from the yard into bouquets. Such a cute phase! Will her passion for yard work last into her teens?


LaughingLioness said...

Beautiful baby. Beautiful romper.

Nicole Davis said...'s adorable!


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